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Northern Counties Shih Tzu Club Open Show

Saturday 5th November 2016

Judge – Ms Dorothy McIntyre (Shanitau)


Best in Show – Camelle Chocolate Mousse At Rossvale JW (Imp Fin) Mr & Mrs S Brown

Reserve Best in Show – Tansingh Double Jepardy – Mrs J Marks

Best Dog – Tansingh Double Jepardy – Mrs J Marks

Reserve Best Dog – Niallsday For Your Eyes Only – Mr T Waring

Best Puppy Dog – Hin Chen’s Askar At Centastage (Imp Nor) – Mrs E MacDonald

Best Veteran Dog – Tansingh Double Jepardy – Mrs J Marks

Best Bitch – Camelle Chocolate Mousse At Rossvale JW (Imp Fin) Mr & Mrs S Brown

Reserve Best Bitch – Pekoe Surprise Surprise JW – Mrs J Anderton

Best Puppy Bitch – Rossvale Moonlight ‘N’ Magic – Mr & Mrs S Brown

Best Veteran Bitch - Ch Marbrux Kelli’s High JW – Mrs M Brooks



Minor Puppy Dog (3:1)

1. Hin Chen’s Askar At Centastage (Imp Nor) – Mrs E MacDonald

2. Honeyshuchun Sonny Boy – Mr D Provost


Puppy Dog (2:0)

1. Wharfeview The Movie Star – Miss F Everall

2. Alchez Emperor Kuzco – Ms C & Mr T Casentieri


Junior Dog (1:0)

1. Niallsday For Your Eyes Only – Mr T Waring


Yearling Dog (2:0)

1. Rossvale All About The Boy – Mr & Mrs S Brown

2. Paliden Shine Like A Star – Mr & Mrs D Williams


Novice Dog (2:1)

1. Magsyur Es Eden Lais At Blackganeshi – Mr W & Mrs D Kilburn


Post Graduate Dog (3:1)

1. Magracara Star Attraction – Mrs C Carpenter

2. Wharfeview Candy Man – Miss F Everall


Limit Dog (2:0)

1. Pekoe One Direction – Mrs J Anderton

2. Lyndatzu Shogun – Mrs L Hey


Open Dog (1:0)

1. Tsantha Happy As Larry – Miss H Chadwick


Veteran Dog (1:0)

1. Tansingh Double Jepardy – Mrs J Marks


Special Beginners Dog (2:1)

1. Magsyur Es Eden Lais At Blackganeshi – Mr W & Mrs D Kilburn


Minor Puppy Bitch (3:1)

1. Tameron Miss Nina At Mayofox – Mr S Bourne & Mr G Goodwin

2. Paliden Bewitched At Wharfeview – Miss F Everall


Puppy Bitch (5:0)

1. Rossvale Moonlight ‘N’ Magic – Mr & Mrs S Brown

2. Furryteam Neanta Bella (Imp) – Mrs L Hey

3. Paliden Star Delight – Mr & Mrs D Williams

4. Paliden Golden Future At Mayofox – Mr S Bourne

5. Paliden Bewitched At Wharfeview – Miss F Everall


Junior Bitch (2:1)

1. Shihdances Giovanna Calore – Miss A Wollerton


Yearling Bitch (3:1)

1. Paliden Take That To Ekland – Mrs Y Forbes

2. Lyndatzu Co Co Chanel At Marbrux – Mrs M Brooks


Novice Bitch (3:2)

1. Paliden Star Delight – Mr & Mrs D Williams


Post Graduate Bitch (4:1)

1. Tansingh Touch Of Class – Mrs J Marks

2. Lyndatzu Charisma – Mrs L Hey

3. Rossvale Summer Breeze – Mrs M Sweeney


Limit Bitch (3:1)

1. Pekoe Surprise Surprise JW – Mrs J Anderton

2. Tansingh Angel & Demon – Mrs J Marks


Open Bitch (4:2)

1. Camelle Chocolate Mousse At Rossvale JW (Imp Fin) Mr & Mrs S Brown

2. Miracey Celebrity Dancer At Trandella JW ShCM – Miss A Thompson


Veteran Bitch (1:0)

1. Ch Marbrux Kelli’s High JW – Mrs M Brooks


Special Beginners Bitch (2:1)

1. Rossvale Pretty Amazing  - Mrs S Phethean


ANorthern Counties Shih Tzu Club

Open Show

Saturday 5 November 2016


It was an honour to be given the opportunity to judge at this ever popular Northern Counties Shih Tzu Club Open Show.

Thank you to the Officers and Committee for giving me this appointment and the experience to learn more about our lovely breed.  Thank you so much to the exhibitors for the time and effort put into the preparation of their dogs and allowing me the honour of judging them.

The hospitality of this club is wonderful, well done all those involved in providing the catering.  And lastly a big thank you to my Steward Mr Trevor Crossland for his professionalism and keeping the process moving along.


Class 1 Minor Puppy Dog (3/1)

!st. MacDonald's  'Hin Chen's Askar At Centastage' (Imp. Nor)

A 7 months old this black and white puppy really catches the eye, literally flew around the ring.  He has a wonderful skull, correct nose placement, good depth to stop and good rise. Lovely round dark eyes giving that all important melting expression.  Excellent bite with a wonderful wide jaw giving a real determined look so relevant to the breed. Whilst he gave his handler a challenge getting him stacked, I was able to assess that he has a good prominent breastbone already let down well into brisket. A good lay of shoulder, well ribbed up to a strong firm loin.  Rear angulation very good, good bend of stifle and low hock allowing a strong driving action. A very balanced youngster with all the potential you would wish for at this age. Very pleased to have met him and award BPD and BPIS.

2nd. Provost's  'Honeyshuchun Sonny Boy'

A gold and white boy of 7 months with a lovely head, dark eyes and a soft expression.  Good forehand assembly giving good reach. A little longer in loin that will need time and exercise to firm up to get a more balanced movement from a stronger drive.


Class 2 Puppy Dog (2)

1st. Everall's  'Wharfeview the Movie Star'

Solid gold puppy who at 10 months is a good size with good bone. A nice round head shape with wide jaw. Round, dark eye and good nose leather. He is stronger on forehand than rear, tail was a little shy today but he eventually held it well on the move.

2nd. Casentieri's  'Alchez Emperor Kuzko'

Another strong solid black boy,10 months and with good bone. Lovely head and soft expression with round dark eye.  Still maturing I feel with firmness to come.  He holds his head beautifully on the move but needs time for topline to settle to provide overall balance.


Class 3 Junior Dog (1)

Wareing's   'Niallsday For Your Eyes Only'

15 month old gold and white boy who is in firm condition throughout.  Strong skull which fills the hand, good tip to stop and good rise in forehead. Pleasant expression with a superior demeanour. Well balanced forehand and rear angulation, good spring of rib, plenty of bone and ribbed up well into strong loin.  Good reach and extension making for a balanced action. RBD.


Class 4  Yearling Dog (2)

1st.  Brown's  'Rossvale All About The Boy'

A lovely gold and white boy of 20 months, lovely expression with good wide jaw and very good dentition. Good head proportions but prefer a little more rise on the forehead.  He is strong in rib, a deep chest and well ribbed up into loin.  Level topline and gave a good balanced performance.

2nd.  William's  'Paliden Shine Like A Star'

Very nice red and white boy who at 20 months is smaller in frame to No. 1.  He gave his handler quite a challenging time but has a nice front and ample bone. A lovely soft expression with dark melting eyes.  I prefer a little more rise from stop to skull. He was a little more co-operative on the move and can cover the ground well.


Class 5 Novice Dog (2/1)

1st.      Kilburn's  'Magsyur Eden Lais at Blackganeshi'

Solid black boy of 20 months, a smaller type but has a good skull with well set eyes and nose placement.  More rise from the stop would give a better head in profile.  He is moderately balanced in movement, with time he may develop a stronger driving action.


Class 6 Post Graduate Dog (3/1)

1st.      Carpenter's  'Magracara Star Attraction'

Lovely 3 year old solid gold boy who is of a smaller type but he does not lack in bone, strong all through. Good head proportions  with round dark eye, correct nose placement and typical soft expression. Lovely balanced outline, level topline and good tailset.  Very good angulation front and rear giving a sound performance.

2nd.     Everall's  'Wharfeview Candy Man 

Red and white 3 year old boy who is finer in bone than No1. Soft dark eyes and correct nose placement. Fair forehand assembly affording a moderate reach in front.  He is longer in the loin which needs to be firmer to provide balanced movement.


Class 7 Limit Dog (2)

1st.      Anderton's  'Pekoe One Direction' JW

A quality 3 year old gold and white boy with superb head properties, a soft expression and classic nose to eye placement. He scores high in both forehand and rear with very good bend of stifle.  Balanced on the move holding a bang on level topline and excellent tailset.

2nd.     Hey's  'Lyndatzu Shogun'

3 year old black and white with excellent head, round dark eye and pleasing expression. He carries a very nice frame with good rib, well let down and plenty of forechest.  Just lost out to No. 1 on movement driving action.


Class 8 Open Dog (1)

 1st.      Chadwick's  'Tsantha Happy as Larry with Hajenza'

A solid gold and white dog with excellent bone all through. Such a lovely yet arrogant expression, dark well set round eyes.  Strong forechest and forehand with straight legs.  Good rib into firm loin.  An impressive tailset and topline held well and moved out well.


Class 9  Veteran Dog (1)

1st.      Marks  'Tansingh Double Jeopardy'

Gold and white boy who at 8 years old stole my heart. Real quality with everything in its place.  Sucha lovely expression, dark eyes that commanded my attention, excellent nose placement, strong in jaw and dentition. He is such a happy outgoing character. So well balanced, well matched fore and rear angulation.  This boy has excellent rib through to a firm loin, just oozes fitness.  Covers the ground economically with well balanced movement.  No hesitation to award him BD, RBIS, BOS and BVIS


Class 10           Special Beginners Dog (2/1)

1st       Kilburn's Magsyur Eden Lais at Blackgenshi – See notes for Novice Dog


Class 11           Minor Puppy Bitch (3/1)

1st       Bourne and Goodwin's  'Tameron Miss Nina at Mayofox'

Gold and white 7 month old bitch coming up to size.  She has a lovely expression, open features with good nose placement.  A good skull and width to jaw. Plenty of forechest with rib well let down.  A level topline with correct tailset.  Moved well

2nd.     Everall's  'Paliden Bewitched at Wharfeview'

 A very happy outgoing 8 month old gold and white puppy.  Lovely sweet expression. I preferred the front a layback on No 1. She has a good topline though and the waggiest of well set tails.  Moved well.

Class 12           Puppy Bitch (5)

1st.      Brown's  'Rossvale Moonlight 'N' Magic'

 10 month old gold and white.  Very pretty soft expression.  Nice shape head, good nose placement.  She presents a lovely outline, beautifully balanced and very confident on the move.  Good body and bone throughout.

2nd.     Hey's  'Furry Team Neanta Bella (Imp Rus)

Lovely open features on this 11 month old gold and white girl.  Again good bone, body and condition.  Balanced  in forehand and rear assembly, level topline held well on the move. Preferred tailset on No.1


Class 13           Junior Bitch (2/1)

1st.      Wollerton's  'Shihdances Giovanni Calore'

17 month old gold and white bitch of real quality.  Larger type but well balanced outline and in proportion to height/length ratio.  She has a feminine, open expression, lovely eyes that hold your attention.  Good nose placement and width to jaw.  She is strong in forehand and rear angulation, level topline and correct tailset.  Moves out with style.


Class 14           Yearling Bitch (3/1)

1st.      Forbes  'Paliden Take That to Ekland'

A beautiful head on this 18 month old gold and white bitch.  An expression that oozes femininity and hold your attention.  She has good bone, with rib well let down.  Presents a lovely outline, level topline and correct tailset.  Beautifully presented in full coat, immaculately groomed.  She moved out well.

2nd.     Brooks  'Lyndatzu CoCo Chanel'

Beautiful expression, soft yet full of mischief on this 20 month old bitch.  She is full of typical breed character.  Very good bone all through, good spring of rib and firm into loin.  She moved well holding her topline. Preferred tailset on No.1


Class 15           Novice Bitch (3/2)

1st.      Williams  'Paliden Star Delight'

Solid gold, 9 month old with lovely head, round dark eyes and a very cheeky expression.  She is full of fun so characteristic of the Shih Tzu pup.  She is sound in bone, good body and moved out really well once she settled in.


Class 16           Post Graduate Bitch (4/1)

1st.      Marks  'Tansingh Touch of Class'

Solid gold bitch, lovely strong head with fabulous black mask.  At 2 years old has matured with good bone, could firm up a little on the loin.  Beautiful expression with darkest round  eye.  Good leg length and strode out well, balanced fore and rear, level topline with good tailset.  Beautifully presented.   

2nd.     Hey's   'Lyndatzu Charisma'

Gold and white 3 year old girl who stands taller than No.1 but good ratio height and length. Very sweet, pretty face. Good forechest well let down. Moved out well, I just preferred the topline and tailset on 1


Class 17           Limit Bitch (3/1)

1st.      Anderton's  'Pekoe Surprise Surprise' JW

Beautiful feminine gold and white bitch who at 2 years has matured well. A lovely headpiece, good bite and expression.  Correct nose placement and lovely soft round eyes. She has good forehand, chest well let down into deep brisket and good rib.  So well balanced fore and aft, covers the ground with ease. A quality bitch who so well deserved RBB.

2nd.     Marks  'Tansingh Angel & Demon'

Beautiful eyes and lovely open features.  This 6 year girl is another with a stamp of quality.  She is higher on the leg than No.1 but still looks well balanced for ratio.  A little less bone than No.1 but still has  good assembly fore and aft. She moves out well.


Class 18           Open Bitch (4/2)

1st.      Browns  'Camelle Chocolate Mousse at Rossvale' (Imp Fin)

At 3 years old this solid gold bitch has grown into such a star performer.  She scores high in all areas for me, specifically on expression, one look and it stays with you.  Beautiful eyes, broad deep skull, wide jaw, good bite.  She just exudes breed type. Forehand very good with prominent chest well let down.  Low to the ground but not overly so with plenty of leg for free and flowing movement. Rib well sprung and ribbed back into firm loin.  Topline and tailset are aspirational! She owned it today, a privelege to go over, so pleased to award BB and BIS. Thank you.

2nd.     Thomson's  'Miracey Celebrity Dancer at Trandella' JW SHCM

Beautiful 3 year old gold and white bitch.  Different type to No. 1 but ticks so many boxes for me. She has a lovely expression with open features.  A good skull and wide jaw with good bite and dentition.  A quality bitch with strong bone all through.  Lovely head into strong neck.  Well ribbed up, good spring and well let down. She was unfortunate to meet No.1 today who I feel gave more of herself on the move.

Class 19           Veteran Bitch (1)

 1st.      Brooks  'Ch. Marbrux Kelli's High'

So pleased to meet this beautiful 11 year old brindle and white bitch who belies her years. She has a beautiful expression, great skull with round, dark expressive eyes.  Wide open nostril, great pigmentation.  She has a good forechest, well let down to deep brisket and carries a well sprung rib. It is nice to find the maturity of this girl who still holds a balanced outline, level topline and good tailset. She was a little hesitant today but still acquitted herself very well.


Class 20           Special Beginners Bitch

1st.      Phethans  'Rossvale Pretty Amazing'

A gold and white bitch at 20 months old.  She has a lovely head and soft expression.  Good forehand, forechest well let down into brisket.  She has a moderate rib and needs to firm up over the coupling to help with rear drive.  She moved well.








































































































































































































































































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