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Results 24/1/18

Northern Counties Open Show

Saturday 24th November 2018

Judge: Mrs Patsy Hollins (Gunalt)

Best in Show - Rossvale’s Latest Model  -  Mr & Mrs S Brown

Reserve Best in Show - Shalehan Yasheron(Imp Bel) – Mrs L Hey

Best Puppy in Show - Tameron Mr Classic Black – Miss H L Howard

Best Veteran in Show - CH Shanitau’s Mane Attraction JW – Miss D McIntyre

Best Dog - Shalehan Yasheron(Imp Bel) – Mrs L Hey 

Best Bitch - Rossvale’s Latest Model  -  Mr & Mrs S Brown 

Best Puppy Dog - Tameron Mr Classic Black – Miss H L Howard

Best Puppy Bitch - Tejayse Beautiful Trauma -  Miss T Alexander-Cunniffe

Best Veteran Dog - CH Shanitau’s Mane Attraction JW – Miss D McIntyre

Best Veteran Bitch - Superlion Chiante – Mrs L Hey

Minor Puppy Dog (3:2)

1. Mapimakastar Albert – Mrs M Skawska

Puppy Dog (3:1)

1. Tameron Mr Classic Black – Miss H L Howard

2. Rossvale Arch Angel – Miss N Barton-Hope

Junior Dog (2:1)

1. Daltricia Araphao At Delmarvey – Mrs M Harvey

Novice Dog (3:2)

1. Suzitzu Lord Kalum Of Blackgangshi – Mr W & Mrs D Kilburn

Post Graduate Dog (3:0)

1. Shihmali Victorious – Mrs S Longstaff

2. Rossvale Here Comes The Sun Over Fairmere – Mr E & Mrs A Fairley

3. Paliden Rockstar – Mr D Provost

Limit Dog (2:0)

1. Shalehan Yasheron(Imp Bel) – Mrs L Hey

2. Pekoe One Direction JW – Mrs J Anderton


Open Dog (2:1)

1. Wharfeview Candy Man – Miss F Everall


Special Beginners Dog (5:2)

1. Shihmali Victorious – Mrs S Longstaff

2. Suzitzu Lord Kalum Of Blackgangshi – Mr W & Mrs D Kilburn

3. Paliden Rockstar – Mr D Provost


Trimmed Dog (1:1)


Veteran Dog (2:0)

1. CH Shanitau’s Mane Attraction JW – Miss D McIntyre

2. CH & SW CH Tansingh Double Jepardy – Mrs J Marks


Minor Puppy Bitch (5:0)

1. Tejayse Beautiful Trauma -  Miss T Alexander-Cunniffe

2. Tansingh Chasing Angels - Mrs J Marks

3. Amore Mio Satinel Reheto (Fci)(Imp Pol) – Mrs M Skawska

4. Debeaux Modern Muse For Shanitau – Miss D McIntyre

5. Thaisu Lotus Flower At Laurmerand – Mrs P Richie

Puppy Bitch (4:1)

1. Lyndatzu QueSah Rah – Mrs L Hey

2. Amore Mio Satinel Reheto (Fci)(Imp Pol) – Mrs M Skawska

3. Wharfeview Candy Kisses – Miss F Everall

Junior Bitch (2:2)

1.Peekin Miss Jive Bunny – Mr N & Mrs S Stevens

2. Paliden Bucks Fizz To Ekland – Mrs Y Forbes


Novice Bitch (5:1)

1. Tejayse Beautiful Trauma -  Miss T Alexander-Cunniffe

2. Paliden Bucks Fizz To Ekland – Mrs Y Forbes

3. Shihmali Carnival Queen – Mrs S Longstaff

4. Daltricia Sierra At Tansigh – Mrs J Marks


Post Graduate Bitch (7:1)

1. Carlita Time To Samba – Miss T Jones

2. Polmac Dangerous Liaison – Mrs P McCarrick

3. Rossvale Moonlight ‘N’ Magic – Mr & Mrs S Brown

4. Rossvale Only In Dreams – Mr & Mrs S Brown

5. Peekin Miss Jazz Ming Tu – Mr N & Mrs S Stevens


Limit Bitch (6:3)

1. Lyndatzu Coco Chanel At Marbrux – Mrs M Brooks

2. Rossvale Summer Breeze – Mrs M Sweeney

3. Peekin Miss Souza-Tu – Mr N & Mrs S Stevens


Open Bitch (3:1)

1. Rossvale’s Latest Model  -  Mr & Mrs S Brown

2. Daltricia Forseti With Delmarvey – Mrs M Harvey


Special Beginners Bitch (4:1)

1. Tejayse Beautiful Trauma -  Miss T Alexander-Cunniffe

2. Carlita Time To Samba – Miss T Jones

3. Shihmali Carnival Queen – Mrs S Longstaff


Trimmed Bitch (3:2)

1. Superlion Chiante – Mrs L Hey


Veteran Bitch (4:1)

1. Tansingh Angel And Demon – Mrs J Marks

2. Sperlion Jezabel At Marbrux – Mrs M Brooks

3. Shihmali Mum’s The Word – Mrs S Longstaff




What a lovely welcome I received at this really friendly show. The atmosphere was super, with everyone clapping the class winners. Therefore it was a really smashing day. Thank you.

BIS, BROWN, ROSSVALE’S LATEST MODEL. This one fits the bill today. She has an air of quality and has correct proportions of length with spring of rib to short leg with clearance. Her head is large, broad, feminine and balanced to body. Clear round dark eye, good stop and square muzzle, with width to underjaw. The neck is strong dry with length from good shoulder placement to allow carriage. Her topline is level and firm from short muscular loin. Short strong hocks provide the thrust .She goes with an arrogant disposition. Beautiful coat and presentation. RES-BIS & BOS. HEY’S, SHALEHAN YASHERON (IMP). So much to admire about this 2 year old dog. Very appealing head piece, Large, masculine with well placed eye and ear. Good stop and square muzzle with 6 evenly placed white incisors, the underjaw, helps to give that arrogant outlook. His skeletal construction has good formation and angulation, thus has neat elbows and straight front with developed ribs and firm outline. Good width to rump and muscular definition. Coat and presentation ,enhance the picture. Easy ground cover showing his pads.   BPIS & RES BD. HOWARD’S, TAMERON MR CLASSIC BLACK. Masculine of just the right size and outline depicting the breed. Large head with a confident, dismissive expression from his big dark well fitting eye. He has body, long, sprung ribs and a short filled loin, all adding up to his firm topline. Straight front and balance of bone and angles both ends to provide ease of ground cover. Immaculate presentation of quality coat. His attitude and soundness took him to these places. BV. MCINTYRE’S, CH. SHANITAU’S MANE ATTRACTION. This 9 year has an arrogant air from his lovely large well shaped head eye and muzzle. He still has excellent white teeth. Decent shoulder and front with length of neck. Typical proportion of length of body to leg. Excellent tail set and carried to advantage bringing to mind, the ‘teapot’ shape and carriage. . 

MPD.3-2ABS. 1ST. SKAWSKA, MAPIMAKASTARALBERT. This 7 month lad has a super personality, just as you want in a youngster .He has a pleasing head with good width of rounded skull and pleasing eye. He has a square muzzle with width to under jaw. Has depth and forechest with sprung ribs and good covering. Short coupled and level back line. Tail very mobile at present, but that’s not an issue in a baby just starting out. Coat was presented well and of decent texture.


JUN.D.2-1ABS. 1ST. HARVEY, DALTRICIA ARAPHAO AT DEALMARVEY. Good sized rounded head, a touch full in eye. Strength in muzzle and good teeth placement. Shoulder blade a touch short and high set, so perhaps not quite the reach in front to take him further today. Good length of rib and firm lion so good proportions and level topline. Short firm hocks and worked well on the move.

NOV.D.2-1ABS. 1ST. KILBURN, SUZITZU LORD KALUM OF BLACKGANGSHI.Rising 2 years. Dark well set eye with correct stop and head of good size, so has pleasing expression. Jaunty, happy chap, who went holding his shape well. He was well turned out and attentive to his handler.

POST GRAD. D.3. 1ST. LONGSTAFF, SHIHMALI VICTORIOUS. Thought 2nd. Would be my winner standing but this boy just had more reach in front on the move. Pleasing head, has length of neck from well laid shoulders, which gives good carriage of head, with complementary tail carriage, which produced a very typical outline standing and moving. Good body and coat.  2ND. FAIRLEY, ROSSVALE HERE COMES THE SUN OVER FAIRMERE. Very close up with a gorgeous big (yet balanced) head of good proportions. Has a super eye in colour and position, with stop and shorter square muzzle, with width to underjaw. He has that typical arrogant outlook. Super body, long well sprung ribs and muscled loin. Immaculate coat and went with style. Two quality dogs.

LIMIT.D. 2. 1ST. HEY, S. YASHERON. BD &RBIS. 2ND. ANDERTON, PEKOE ONE DIRECTION,JW. Pleasing dog could have bigger eyes for ideal. Proportions and stop good would prefer a more open nostril. Straight front, well ribbed back .Presented in well developed body and lovely coat and condition.

OPEN.D.2-1ABS. 1ST. EVERALL, WHAREVIEW CANDY MAN. Has lots of breed essentials and well deserved his place to win. He was in my thoughts for higher honours. Smart typical in shape and presented a balanced picture. Round head of good size, well placed big expressive eye. Correct ear set. Has neck through firm back. He is mature and in good body with well sprung rib leading to firm loin. Good tail set and carriage. Long dense coat. 



MP. B. 5.  A lovely class of promising youngsters.1ST. ALEXANDER-CUNNIFFE, TEJAYSE BEAUTIFUL TRAUMA.  Very striking to look at .Feminine, balanced and full of breed requirements. Gorgeous head, big, but could not be thought masculine. Big dark eye fitting well .Good stop and strength in muzzle with broad underjaw. Good lay of shoulder with return of upper arm, therefore neat elbows .Has depth of chest and sprung ribs that go back to short firm loin. Width to rump and short firm hocks. All adding up to good ground cover with personality to denote good carriage.  2ND. MARKS, TANSINGH CHASING ANGELS. This 7 month is soundly made and has beautiful balance with type. She has good ribbing and construction; therefore it’s all there to grow into and should finish well. She has a confidence and cheek which makes one smile.  3RD. SKAWSKA, AMORE MIO SATINEL REHETO.

P.B.3-1ABS. 1ST.HEY, LYNDATZU QUE SAH RAH.  Rising 12 months. Super outline with carriage of head and tail. Very pleasing head piece, super eye, good stop and muzzle, with strength and good nasal passages. Arch to neck, has forechest and big ribs leading well back to correct coupling. Balance of depth to leg, giving good proportions. Lively and sound on the move.  2ND.  REPEAT. A. M. SATINEL R. Pretty feminine bitch.lovely quality and rewarding to go over. She goes with an air of arrogance, holding her shape.   3rd. EVERALL, WHARFEVIEW CANDY KISSES.

JUN.B.2.1ST. STEVENS, PEEKIN MISS JIVE BUNNY-TU. RES BB. This 13 month had the strength, femininity and balance that kept drawing me back to her. Large round pretty head with eye, stop and muzzle placement to display confidence and that arrogant expression. She has angulation of shoulder to give forechest and neat elbows. Her ribs are well sprung and lead back to her short firm loin. A level topline to well placed tail, carried to advantage and correct width to bum. Presented in good coat and muscular order. 2ND. FORBES, PALIDEN BUCKS FIZZ TO EKLAND. Lots to like, in construction and type in this 12 month old. Balance of round head with good eye, correct stop and square muzzle.  Rather at the in-between stage in development of body .Can tend to roach a touch on the move, probably due to age, as she doesn’t do it all the time.


POST GRAD.B. 7-1ABS. This was a class of quality bitches. Loved the 3rd. placed ,but just needs to spring in rib and body up. 1ST. JONES, CARLITA TIME TO SAMBA. She is totally feminine and pretty, but not weak with large, well fitting eye, that looks back at you with a haughty air of confidence. To go over, she is soundly put together with big ribs and level back line. Cheeky and proud with good action showing her pads as she goes. Coat is of good texture and presented well.   2ND. McCARRICK, POLMAC DANGEROUS LIAISON. Pleasing head, dark well filled eye. Strong muzzle with good nasal passages and open nostril. Big ribs, strong well made body. Went nicely.  3RD. BROWN, ROSSVALE MOONLIGHT ‘N’ MAGIC.

LIMIT.B.6-3ABS. 1ST. BROOKS, LYNDATZU COCO CHANEL AT MARBRUX. Ultra feminine and absolutely full of personality. Round with everything in the right placed and good stop. Has a super mouth, just undershot with width to jaw and strong well placed teeth. Level topline and proportions to length to leg are typical. Has good deportment on the move and presentation was good.  2ND. SWEENEY, ROSSVALE SUMMER BREEZE. Pleasing head, clean big eye, could have a little stronger muzzle and more width to underjaw. A touch out at elbow. Strong body and well made hind quarters. Lovely personality and shows pads as she goes. Lovely coat and presentation.  3RD. STEVENS, PEEKIN MISS SOUZA-TU.

OPEN.B. 3-1ABS. 1ST. BROWN, ROSSVALE’S LATEST MODEL. Lovely sort .BIS.2ND. HARVEY, DALTRICIA FORSETI WITH DELMARVEY. A touch more of her in size, than winner. Round head with good eye, ear and stop. She presents a clean healthy picture all through. Her soundness is reflected in her sound action. Worked with handler so well. Pleasing presentation. 


TRIMMED. B. 1ST. HEY, SUPERLION CHIANTE. Well what you see is what you get, in this class and I saw a well built 11 year bitch with big ribs and well covered body. Well set eye, correct muzzle with nasal passages to take in air. Strong jaw, .Arched clean neckline and level back. She has poise and carriage and such personality belying her age. BV, B.

VETERAN.B.4. 1ST. MARKS, TANSINGH ANGEL AND DEMON. 10 ½ with good head and tail carriage, therefore presenting type both standing and moving. Balance of head piece with big nose. Fit and well bodied with well sprung ribs that lead well back. In lovely dense coat  and well presented .  2ND.BROOKS, SUPERLION JEZABEL AT MARBRUX. Well ,it just goes to show that this is a lasting breed. Pretty feminine bitch with pleasing head, correct skull and well placed eye. She has decent proportions, all topped off with pleasing presentation.   3RD. LONGSTAFF, SHIHMALI MUM’S THE WORD.

Judge, Patsy Hollings.






























































































































































































































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