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Champ Show Diary




2014 Championship Shows


Date  Show  Judge  Entries Close
11 Jan  Boston & District Canine Society Albert Wight       
 17 Jan  Manchester Dog Show Society Kelvin Chedzoy   
 1 Feb  Northern Counties Shih Tzu Club Open show  Dave Robbins    
 16 Feb  Manchu Shih Tzu Society Open Show  Christine Howe   
8 March Crufts  Eunice Stephenson  
 24 March Shih Tzu Club of Wales & Western Counties Championship Show Gwynne Goodwin   
5 April  Northern Counties Shih Tzu Club Championship Show   Glenda Gilkes    
21 April   Manchu Shih Tzu Club Championship Show   Bob Gregory   
 12 April Joint Shih Tzu Club Championship Show hosted by The Shih Tzu Club Susan Crossley - Dogs
Sandra Cooke - Bitches
 27 May West of England Ladies kennel Society Helen Dyson    
4 May Shih Tzu Club of Scotland Championship Show  Wendy Wood-Jones   
8 May Birmingham Dog Show Society  Jean Lanning   
18 May  Scottish Kennel Club  Louise Farnsworth   
26 May Bath Canine society Clare Coxall  
June  Southern Counties Canine Association Pieter Burema   
5 June Three Counties Agricultural Society Judith Robin-Smith   
  June  Border Union Agricultural Society  Pat Gregory   
20 July   Blackpool Canine Society Mr R Oliviera    
27 June Windsor Dog Show Society

Ann Spooner    

4 July  East Of England Agricultural Society Jackie  Sullivan  27/5/14 
20 July  Shih Tzu Club Open Show Tim Ball   
July Leeds City Canine Association Steve Brown  2/7/14 
August  Paignton Fanciers' Association Diane Spavin  14/6/14 
10 Aug Bournmouth Canine Association Jeff Luscott  4/7/14 
 17 Aug Welsh Kennel Club  Karen Wilberg  30/6/14 
24 Aug Scottish Kennel Club Hazel Chadwick   15/7/14
31 Aug City of Birmingham Canine Association Pam Woodbridge   21/7/14
  Sept Richmond Dog Show Society Pat Maule  30/7/14 
12 Sept Darlington Dog Show Society David Iley  5/8/14 
21 Sept  Driffield Agricultural Society Dorothea Howland  11/8/14 
 Sept Belfast Dog Show Society Mike Gadsby  31/8/14 
 4 Oct Shih Tzu Club Championship Show Mrs Darja Skok Lamut (Slovinia)  27/9/14
 Oct South Wales Kennel Association Jenny Clifford   8/9/14
26 Oct Midland Counties Canine Society Sue Johnson  8/9/14
 2 Nov Shih Tzu Club of Scotland Open Show Stuart Payne  
2 Nov Northern Counties Shih Tzu Club Open Kirsty Tod  
9 Nov Manchu Shih Tzu Society Open Show Arthur Bowler  11/10/14 
17 Nov   Shih Tzu Club of Wales & Western Counties Open Show Zena Parton      
6 Dec  British Utility Breeds Assosiation Les Forster  2/11/14 
13 Dec  Ladies Kennel Association Jan Meyer  27/10/14 


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